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"I made the biggest mistake of my life by leaving Santa Barbara without saying good-bye to Gus, and I am done cowering from the big decisions. I’ve wanted this for long enough, so it’s gonna happen, right now… Juliet O’Hara, I do not believe in love at first sight, because I didn’t even need to see you to know that I wanted to spend forever with you…scratch that. I have spent my whole life running from one thing to another, quitting and running and quitting and running, and pretending that my destiny was to drive a wiener-mobile…I’m not that young anymore, and I’m also not afraid. I know that I come with baggage, and a best friend who’s not going anywhere, ever. But I promise you from this moment forward, the only running that I will be doing is into your arms, and I will never stop holding your cold little hands, or losing myself when I wake up in the morning and look at you and recognize how freaking lucky I am…Jules, will you marry us…me, mostly me, even though Gus is always going to be part of the deal, and then someday he’ll have his own Juliet…and she’ll be Jamaican, and together we’ll be one big giant frosted black and white cookie, and we’re gonna have dogs, all rescues, and kids, probably before we’re sixty…Oh, just marry me so that I can show you how amazing our life will be together."
Shawn Spencer’s proposal, The Breakup (via unmatterable)

"And so, I accept that this is my fatal flaw. I just can’t quite… engage all the way, when I really need to, when it really matters, you know, when the chips are down, so. I guess what I’m saying is that I’m sorry, Gus. I’m sorry that I can’t do goodbyes. I tried so hard to tell you, man. I just… I just suck at the real stuff. But you know that. And you’re gonna be fine. You’re gonna be better than fine. I just can’t help thinking that the only problem that you really had this whole time… is me. And I’ve kept you from the life that you deserve, you know? The life that you’ve earned. The life that you’d have if I hadn’t barged into your office 8 years ago and said ‘We’re gonna play detective! Whether you want to or not!’ … I love you, man." 


"I am proud, honored and baffled to call you my friend."

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Just watched the last 5 episodes of Psych and I’m 100% /ruined/

Timothy Omundson by Maarten de Boer

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Psych cast laughing.

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